Our Values

Our Values – The three C’s philosophy

A great old spiritual master says that the product that is the result of those three C’s is a game changer:

  1. Consciousness is being
  2. Compassion is feeling
  3. Creativity is action


Consciousness is awareness and market research; Dirra Gifts DMCC has an advanced R&D department that keeps our concepts and designs on top and ahead of the market trends.


Compassion is design, or i.e designing with compassion is the whole talent and expertise using the top-notch design software and technology that is mixed with passionate drives to create the best and satisfy the most.


Creativity is everything, it can make the difference between who does the job and who does it perfect. Our teams are dedicated perfectionists who strive to get the gift market into a level of creative piece of art making our products an agent of pride to all our clients and consumers.