About Us

Dirra Gifts DMCC is born out of a desire to make a difference in our Arab social and corporate business environment.

A gift is a concept of care and share between people, friends, relatives, lovers and between corporations and their loyal clients.

Believing in this concept of care as a motive to share; we thought of expressing what you like to say to the recipient of your gift and what gift makes your day?

It started as a small idea to make something unique and different and it turned to become a pioneer supplier in gift crafts and articles in all sectors of business and national celebrations across the region.

Moving forward with our growth, we started our manufacturing and assembling facility in Dubai putting the first building brick of national production in a sector that was solely dependent on the import in spite of having a high demand in the United Arab Emirates.

Not only we aspire to be the first Corporate gifts supplier in the market and dominate this vital sector.

Dirra Gifts DMCC can customize all the different elements of gift items, material or combination of different materials, mechanisms of adding gadgets and functions.

That level of personalized is something we are proud of and one of our keys of success.


7426 SE 114th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97266
United States

T. +1 (971) 377-8751
E. rihab@dirra.net